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Vision Impairment

Please note that far more information is available from the British Blind Sport (BBS) website (opens in new window).

What is a Vision Impairment?

A vision impairment is a sight defect that cannot be corrected by glasses, contact lenses etc.. However, when having tests for a sight classification, any prescribed glasses or contact lenses must be worn.

Sight Classifications

Whilst not being required for Club or Open Tournaments, a competitive VI archer will soon find that they need a sight classification. This sight classification must be for ‘acuity’ which is different from most other sports. Therefore you will need to inform BBS that you wish for a sight classification for archery when applying.
This serves two purposes, you will get the correct sight classification for archery and the Archery Section (BBS-AS) will be informed of your interest and added to their mailing list.

Some sight classification results will have a re-test date, particularly if there is a chance of change. Change can be deterioration or improvement such as a successful cataract operation.

Again, the BBS Sight Classifications (opens in new window) web page contains more detail.