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Vision Impairment

Please note that far more information is available from the British Blind Sport (BBS) website (opens in new window).

What is a Vision Impairment?

A vision impairment is a sight defect that cannot be corrected by glasses, contact lenses etc.. However, when having tests for a sight classification, any prescribed glasses or contact lenses must be worn.

Sight Classifications

Whilst not being required for Club or Open Tournaments, a competitive VI archer will soon find that they need a sight classification. This sight classification must be for ‘acuity with best visual correction’ which is different from most other sports. Therefore you will need to inform BBS that you wish for a sight classification for archery when applying.
Informing BBS that you want an archery sight classification serves two purposes, you will get the correct sight classification for archery and the Archery Section (BBS-AS) will be informed of your interest and added to their mailing list. ‘Best visual correction’ means that any prescribed glasses etc. must be worn during the classification tests.

Some sight classification results will have a re-test date, particularly if there is a chance of change. Change can be deterioration or improvement such as after a successful cataract operation.

Again, the BBS Sight Classifications (opens in new window) web page contains more detail.