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This page has photographs and descriptions of the tripods and tripod accessories that are available through the BBS-AS shop.

Modified Tripods

Image of modified tripod - full. Image of modified tripod - head. Image of the different colour adapters fitted to BBS-AS Modified Tripods.

BBS-AS Modified Tripods - £36

The BBS-AS modified tripod is a medium weight video tripod supplied ready to take any of the standard BBS-AS tactile sights. All of the un-needed adjustments are removed or disabled so that they can't come loose during use.

The tripod can be set for left or right handed use at any time by rotating the head but will be set to the handedness of your choice if specified with your order.

The tactile sights are mounted via an adapter which is permanently fixed to the top of the tripod. The adapters come in one of five colours. Choices are: red, blue, green, yellow or black. You will be asked to specify the adapter colour when ordering. The adapters now have a built in spirit level.

Tripod Accessories

The following accessories are available for use with the BBS-AS modified tripods.

Water Carrier - £2.75

Image of Water Carrier in use.

A 5 litre fold up water carrier which will easily fit in your kit bag yet can be filled with water on arrival at the venue to save you having to carry a weight with you. Has a reinforced handle for hanging on your tripod's hook.
You need to be sure of a water source at the venue.
Do not fill more than half full when using with BBS-AS modified tripods or any other tripod with plastic hooks.

Tripod Tie-down Straps - £6

Image of tripod Tie-down strap in use.

These light weight webbing straps are designed for holding your tripod firmly to the ground. One strap and 3 tent pegs and your tripod will not move!
The straps come with a metal D at each of the three ends and a fourth D in the middle for hanging on your tripod hook.
These straps can only be used on surfaces that can take tent pegs.
Peg the straps just outside the three tripod legs, with the adjustable strap near the back leg so that you can reach the adjustment. Put the tent pegs into the ground at approximately right angles to the strap for maximum hold.
Specify the height of the tripod hook from the ground when ordering.
Be careful not to over tighten the straps when using with BBS-AS modified tripods or any other tripod with plastic hooks.

Tent Peg set for Tripod Tie-down straps - £3

Image of single Tent Peg.

A set of four tent pegs (three plus one spare) for the Tripod Tie-down Straps. These are “hard ground” pegs.

Orders and Shipping

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