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Archery Records

Archery records are kept by clubs, Counties, and Regions, as well as Archery GB and World Archery. The records are categorised by bow-style, gender and age (for juniors only), for eligible rounds and conditions. All archers including para- and VI archers are eligible to shoot for these records.

VI Archery Records

There are three organisations that maintain specific records for VI archery. Each has their own set of requirements in terms of sight classification of the archer, the archer and their equipment and the rounds that are recognised.

World Archery

World Archery (WA) records (opens in new window) are maintained for archers with international sight classifications competing in “World Record status” competitions. Classifications, equipment and rounds are specified in the WA rules (Book 3, Chapter 21) (opens in new window).

Archery GB

Archery GB (AGB) records (opens in new window) are maintained for archers competing in “UK Record status” competitions and meet the requirements specified in Shooting Administrative Procedure (SAP) 5 (opens in new window).

British Blind Sport - Archery Section

BBS-AS records are maintained for members of BBS-AS. There are various criteria such as the type of tournament that they can be claimed at etc. These criteria and how to claim are outlined in our Records Criteria and Claims document. Also available is our Records Claim Form.

Unfortunately we are unable to ratify any new records until further notice because we are reconstructing our lists of records. Please continue to submit claims as described. We will acknowledge the claim and ratify it as soon as possible.